Selected Projects

For a complete list, kindly have a look at my CV

Autonomous Racing on a Volkswagen GTI

Developing controllers for guiding a Volkswagen Golf GTI around an oval track as fast as possible, with constraints on motion that ensured a comfortable ride. See project page for details.

Robot Arm Crokinole

Exploring the versatility of torque-controlled robot arms by having a 7 degree-of-freedom arm to play a French board game called "Crokinole" See page for details.

Autonomous Exploration and Pickup/Delivery using Turtlebot

Developing ROS packages for a turtlebot to autonomously explore and navigate through a mock environment to pick and deliver items. See page for details.

Aerial Manipulation

Design and control of a light-weight aerial manipulator for inspection - like a flying hand! See page for details.

Building an Autonomous Robot from Scratch - ME218

An autonomous differential drive robot built from absolute scratch in the ME218B course project. The robot had to pickup, sort and dispose off coloured balls in specific zones while navigating an arena with various provisions for localization such as beacons and lines. See page for details.

Side-Slip Angle Estimation for a Vehicle

Using an IMU and dynamics models to estimate the side-slip angle of a vehicle by implementing nonlinear filtering methods such as the Extended and Unscented Kalman Filters and Particle Filters. See page for details.

Reinforcement Learning Based Planning for Offroad Vehicles

Developing a novel velocity planning algorithm that prioritized passenger comfort given finite knowledge of the terrain ahead of the vehicle. See page for details.

Vehicle Odometry using Deep Convolutional Networks on KITTI

A deep convolutional network utilizing both optical flow and stereo depth to estimate the pose of the ego vehicle, using the KITTI open dataset. See page for details.


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